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POSTER: Mapping Canada’s Top Telecoms, Internet & Media Companies by Revenue and Market Share (2015)

Dwayne Winseck November 22, 2016

Ever wonder who the main companies are that make up and shape the media, telecoms and internet landscape in Canada? Who owns what? Where do Google, Facebook and Netflix – the new internet giants — fit alongside other companies that have long had a towering presence across key sectors of the media and telecoms industries […]

Media and Internet Concentration in Canada Report 1984 – 2015

Dwayne Winseck

Introduction This is the second report in an annual series that reviews current developments and long-term trends in the telecoms, internet and media industries in Canada. Building on the first report in this series, it addresses another simple but profoundly important question: have telecom, internet and media markets become more or less concentrated over time […]